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April Workshop Series : A Full Circle of Self

I'd like to personally invite you to my CIRCLE.

CIRCLE(s) come together regularly in reflection and discussion

of compelling topics, guest speakers, and embodied learning.


Join Natalie P. in the debut of CIRCLE(s) and an initial four weeks of powerful embodied learning, discussion, and growing in the name of Self.

Your beautiful Self.

In the seat of your Soul sits your beautiful Self.

Let's spend time together and independently to reflect and build awareness around your beautiful Self.

Topics planned are intentional and intense. The host and guest speakers are raw and healing and healed. Be sure, though. The space created in Zoom is safe. Participation in discussion and exercises is voluntary.



Wednesday, April 5, 2022 | 6:30P MDT


After a few minutes of introductions and setting the stage for our time together, we'll dive into discussion of several unique perspectives woven together, including Dr. Morris Massey's Stages of Life, Dr. John Travis's Wellness/Illness Continuum, and Natalie's very own Are-Should-Could-Would-Are. The goal is for you to accept the invitation to unapologetically dive into an examination of your Self and actually begin the work. Homework: Wheel of Life

Wednesday, April 12, 2022 | 6:30P MDT


After time spent sharing and connecting as a community, we'll examine what it means to return to your youth, especially before the Judge and several sidekick saboteurs joined the voices in your head. Voluntary exercises and thought prompts, too, will help us transfer what we're learning into real life. Homework: Welcome to My Room!

Wednesday, April 19, 2022 | 6:30P MDT


You’re eyeball deep returning to your youth on one end, hooray! Let's dive into the other and think about what we know to be true for your future. You are going to die. It's not something we talk about a lot for fear of...what...dying? Take a different approach to Death and see what we see, wanna? Homework: You Want Me to Rest in What?!?

Wednesday, April 26, 2022 | 6:30P MDT


Backwards, forwards, now. It's not a competition. It's movement. Constant movement. Like a pendulum, you. Even without a language to describe what is happening, it's an energy you won't deny when synchronicities alight before your eyes. Listen in on a celebration of TRUTH by several amazing humans. Homework: Set yourself free to Be, I dare ya.


INSIDE CIRCLE(s) : Several Guidelines You'll Accept Before Joining

A comprehensive workbook of class guidelines, content, and exercises will be provided prior to our first gathering. It is helpful to have this workbook on hand for each class, and printing allows for notes and immediate action plans. Here is an important section you'll want to review before coming on board:

Energy. While participation is voluntary and you shouldn’t feel obligated in any way to be a part of Circle(s), if you attend, please be mindful of the energy you are bringing and the energy that arises during the gathering. You are not required to be happy and upbeat to be present; if you are not feeling comfortable about sharing or the day has left you feeling like you just need to attend in space, that is welcome! If during the course of the Circle, you feel a shift in your energy due to the topic or the conversation, it’s worth noting and even sharing. If at any point you feel you cannot proceed with Circle(s), you are free to leave. Please let your energy guide you.

Respect. We are all beautiful works in progress at different points on our journeys and in different states of awareness. We seek out diverse opinions and perspectives so that we can learn and grow. We may not agree with one another, but we will treat one another respectfully as we discuss and share details of sensitive topics. If at any point you feel disrespected, we will work together to resolve the issue. Blatant disrespect of any person or group of people will not be tolerated.

Discretion. Confidence in one another’s ability to keep discussions within Circle(s) to one’s self is required. For each of us to share, we must look around us without doubt that our story and perspective is safe. We will never speak of another’s personal details outside Circle(s) without expressed consent.

Squirm. Growth happens when we leave our comfort zone, and in order to do so, some might squirm. It’s awkward to speak about one’s self, perhaps. Or to face a glitch in one’s narrative may spark great anxiety. There are going to be tears and moments of intense silence we will witness; there will also be break-through’s and emotions bubble up from the depths. You will be supported. You will support others as they squirm. Supporting others will make you squirm. Embrace every bit of it.

Asterisks. Like life, all of this is subject to change. We’ll go with the flow and come from a place of love to make decisions on-the-fly for Circle(s). The goal is create connection and support ourselves and others in reaching our highest potential.


  • Each workshop is $13 payable prior to participation. Pay individually or as a total of $52 for all four (4) via Eventbrite, Pay Pal or Venmo. App fees are absorbed by us, not you.

  • Class is scheduled for 75 minutes but may run shorter or longer depending on the needs of those at hand. At no point, regardless of time, is there an obligation to stay and/or participate.

  • Participants are encouraged to meet their own needs in coming, going, and joining in. Feel free to use the chat function, as well as emoji reactions to raise your hand, laugh, and clap! And if you have to come and go, just mind your mute and video buttons and try not to be disruptive :)

QUESTIONS?!? Just want to think out loud about possibly participating? Get in touch! is where you can always find me!


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