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Stalking My Sacred Rebel Story

I boarded an early morning flight in January to embark on a personal journey of healing and writing in Mexico. Joining a group curated by founders of Freedom Folk & Soul, I found myself sitting amongst healers and creators whose stories ached to be told, and we spent a week carving out our personal truths, stalking our sacred rebels, and baring our precious souls. Our home base was The Dreaming House, or Casa de los Sueños, nestled in the village of San Sebastian Xololpan, adjacent to the ancient city of Teotihuacan. It was unlike anything I've ever been a part of, and it was an experience I'll never forget. Every day was filled with discussion, connection, ceremony, adventure, and creation. We spoke, we danced, we cried, we ate, we breathed, we climbed, we swam, and we broke open our shells to share stories of our past.

My own story is soon to be published as Chapter 23: Shot Through My Sacred Heart, and it's one I've been longing to share for some time. After meeting Stephanie Urbina Jones and Jeremy Pajer, I knew I'd finally have an outlet to do so. I was nervous as hell, intimidated by the challenge, and at times, panicked by my decision to participate. However, it became more than just a writing assignment, sticking to the word count, adhering to the rules. The entire experience was a journey towards my truest Self, to reclaiming a voice I long ago muted in favor of playing polite and prude.

The journey was not easy, believe me. Looking into the darkest corners of my past and owning pieces and particles I have tried so hard to ignore and forget left me emotionally and physically exhausted. Getting real about my own self-abuse and neglect, admitting to truths I've long coated in sugar and covered in white lies, stepping into a space where I release myself from shame, blame, and guilt, and forgive others for the same - every step required thought and intention.

I'm better for the journey and excited about what's in store as we near the publishing date in late May with the help of Laura DiFranco and her team at Brave Healer Productions. The group of humans with whom I shared a week conquering fear and swimming in vulnerability are forever sisters and brothers. We are bound by our love and respect for one another, and I am so proud to call each one of them 'friend.'

I invite you to pre-order a copy of Shaman Heart: Sacred Rebel and discover each story within. You'll not be disappointed. You'll find inspiration, relief, treasures, and real people sharing real stories of triumph and release.

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