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You've found CIRCLE(s), a gathering of human beings pursuing a higher sense of self who believe the power of collective, supportive energy can open channels for healing, growing, and thriving in unison with one another and our beautiful planet.



It’s all a grand experiment anyway, isn't it?!?



CIRCLE(s) come together in reflection and discussion of compelling topics, guest speakers' insight, and embodied learning and breakthroughs. Topics are highly personal and chosen carefully, and the guidelines for our time together are important to understand before committing to CIRCLE(s).

Read on for a schedule of what’s ahead

and how to ready yourself to join us.


Life is a full circle,

widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.


                                        ~ Anaïs Nin



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Presented by Natalie P.

Hi! I'm Natalie.

I'm a beautiful, messy human too!

Shedding masks, trying on truths, scared as f*ck, THRILLED to be alive to be scared as f*ck, and all along, talking to myself.

Finally, JOIN ME OUT LOUD with loads of fantastic perspectives, tools, exercises, and ideas to noodle on! C'mon, I dare ya!

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Monthly Workshop Series

February Details


  • Each workshop is $13 payable prior to participation. Pay individually or as a total of $52 for all four (4) via PayPal or Venmo. App fees are absorbed by Bloomstruck LLC, not you.

  • Class is scheduled for 75 minutes but may run shorter or longer depending on the needs of those at hand. At no point, regardless of time, is there an obligation to stay and/or participate.

  • Participants are encouraged to meet their own needs in coming, going, and joining in. Just don't be disruptive! Take care with your mute and video, and use the chat function if speaking up doesn't feel appropriate. There are also reaction buttons you can use to raise your hand, clap, and smile. Even love!

The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.

                                        ~ C.S. Lewis


I am interested in future CIRCLE(s), keep me posted!

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