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In Death, Grief and Joy

By the Water Talking Well-tended Endings

Chat cast cover for season 3, episode 12 with Lisa Cheney-Philp

I recently found my way to connect by the water and share space with a beautiful human, Lisa Cheney-Philp. Lisa is Visionkeeper of Women of the Water. She serves as a death doula, grief guide, shamanic practitioner, creative facilitator, artist and river guide. Lisa belongs to the world as one who rewrites history, one who dwells in river canyons, and one who dreams of the river meeting the sea. As the founder of Women of the Water, she braids together her skills, training, and lived experiences to help us remember the ways and wisdom of water so we can well-tend experiences of death, dying, grief, loss and love and restore Life for generations past, present and future. Lisa has been embedded in Colorado communities and watersheds for over 20 years and currently calls Fort Collins, Colorado and the Poudre River watershed home with her husband and daughter.

How do I fear my death will impact the ones I love that are still living? And when I can approach and get curious about my fear from that perspective, there's something that can happen that points you towards inspired action, that points you towards purpose, that points you towards a way of living that reminds you that death is the gift of life.

In this episode of Think Out Loud With Me, Lisa and I have a beautiful exchange about our personal rivers, the beauty of death, our capacity to experience joy and grief in endings of all kinds, be they life being over, or a relationship, a job, a season, a significant move, or other upheaval in life, major or otherwise. Endings happen every day, and with awareness and openness, we can indeed give and receive the sacred tending needed to alchemize grief into relief. And joy.

Listen in. Lisa's voice and energy are welcoming and sweet, and she is exactly where she needs to be in her role on this planet. Lisa is open to connect and commune by the water with you One-on-One, in Community Grief Circles or Nature Mandala Workshops, and even rowing and growing in unique River Experiences. Most recently, Lisa has created a space where questions and wondering can be exchanged for others to explore death, grief, and loss. To ask a question of your own, contact her in one of the following ways:

Visit and join the email newsletter on the homepage to access the Women of the Water playlist. Or follow Lisa on Facebook to enjoy musings and learn about experiences.


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