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You either walk into your story and own it,
or you stand outside your story and
hustle for your worthiness.

- Dr. Brene Brown

Coaching for life.

You're a living, breathing human with dreams

and desires buried under a mountain of To Do's

and a calendar of commitments...


you're asking

Perhaps one or more of these questions resonate with you like they do with others...

It's all a blur...

Do you feel your personal and professional life have morphed together into a cacophony of voices, doubt and fear?

Do you feel guilt or shame for ‘bringing your personal matters’ to work? Has it been suggested you might ‘take some time off to deal with what’s on your plate’?

Can I vent for a minute?

Do you ever wish you had a sacred space to “let it all out” without judgment so you can then strategize how to best make YOUR next move on YOUR terms?

There's no end in sight!

Do you want for a reboot, time off to breathe, disconnect, and just ‘be’?

Do you struggle with feelings of languish, helplessness, overwhelm?

Is anyone even listening?

Do you feel like you silently scream to be understood if only you could find a voice to explain?

Do you desire to start meaningful conversations with the important people in your life about what matters in your relationship with each of them, and who you aim to be with them?

What even matters to me anymore?

Do you acknowledge your mental and emotional health as something you wish you had time to explore and develop?

Does balance of the two elude you?

If only I could speak up...

Do you sometimes regret what you said or did because you were too quick to react or felt unable to react honestly for fear of rejection, judgment, ridicule or retaliation?

Do you want to better communicate your needs and wants?

Let life make you better, not bitter.

You need to know that you have choices in this thing called Life. Whatever is telling you to do it, whatever voice is whispering to take action in your favor, F*CKING CHOOSE YOU.



The characters we develop, masks we wear, roles we fill, and games we play to survive in this world result in our insides rarely matching our outsides.


Your insides, YOUR STORY, matters. It matters to me, and it matters to the world. We will explore Be-Do-Have modeling, and honest, action-oriented virtual sessions and exercises will provide you the opportunity to unapologetically dive deep, live out loud, and discover guidance both innate and delivered to you specifically through our shared experience. 

What You Get

  • One (1) month, four (4) 50-min sessions

  • Onboarding call with exercises

  • Two (2) free Lemme Gather My Wits calls

  • Exclusive opportunity to extend to part- or full-time coaching client



Payment Options

  • Pay in Full (less 3% discount)

  • Pay in Two (requires first half to book)


You have a situation. It’s not solving itself, and you're not sure which 'next right step' is 'right for you.'

You need a safe space to vent, regroup, throw some ideas around without fear of judgment or pressure to be right.

You need accountability to a human being who knows what it means to feel stuck and isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear to get moving.

You have no idea what you want to talk about, and having a space to do exactly that is a wonderful investment of your time.

What You Get

  • Undivided attention from someone not listening to respond, but listening to understand your point of view;

  • The option to receive feedback, guidance, coaching without obligation to follow or fail;

  • The ear, experience and enthusiasm of a Highly Sensitive Multi-Potentialite who is available to hold space or co-create an action plan and everything in between!


On Demand: $33 per 33 minutes

Subscription: $33 per 43 minutes

Payment Options

  • Pay in full to book

  • On-Demand hours require 1 day notice

  • Subscription hours are first available


The only way out is through, and the only way through what is on our collective platter of life is Emotional Intelligence.


Otherwise known as EQ and completely different than your Intelligence Quotient, your Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management are all topics of examination in this transformative group coaching experience.

What You Get

  • One (1) month, four (4) 60-min sessions with small group of 12 or less individuals; no obligation to participate verbally, but video on

  • Group onboarding call with workbook of tests, exercises, including 7 of Life Card; ongoing group accountability for action items

  • One (1) free Lemme Gather My Wits! call

  • Exclusive opportunity to extend to part- or full-time coaching client



Payment Options

  • Pay in Full (less 3% discount)

  • Pay in Two (requires first half per person to book)


Google is turning nothing up for ya, no matter what keywords you put in. Something on this page feels right, though, and you'd like to think out loud about how we might partner on your path. I'm game!

Perhaps you need my magic in a company setting to strengthen communication at work, with your leadership team, and/or amongst your staff. I'm available for group and keynote presentations, team-building and brainstorming, group moderation and creative, energetic, shake-em-up sessions.​

Whatever the case, you like my vibe. Let's see if I like yours. It is, after all, a unique situation. I want to be sure it's a fit!

Contact me here.

I'm offering



Hi, my name is Natalie.

I believe in the power of #COMMUNICATION and I was gifted with the magic of being able to communicate. I am a Communications Coach and Consultant, and my calling is partnering with human beings in personal and professional spaces to realize worth and voice, compassion and courage, value in our vulnerability.

I believe in the power of #CONNECTION through learned experience as much as credentials. I won't pretend to be an expert at any one of way of living, working or surviving this life; I have walked a life of many lessons, models and mentors, which is the very beauty I bring to the table. You'll find my experience and energy spans the gamut of keywords and hot topics, industries and insights. You will find me capable across multiple disciplines and striving daily to educate and earn respect in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, Wellness/Illness Spectrum, Be-Do-Have Modeling, Multi-Potentiality, Everything DiSC, and HeartMath.


I believe in the power of #CURIOSITY, and it allows me to connect with you in an authentic way through easy conversation, open-ended and thoughtful questions and reflections, and agreeable next steps. You'll find me honest, helpful, and downright dangerous as an accomplice if your mission is trying to get the very most of this life that you can.

I believe in the power of #COMMUNITY, no matter what. If anything else, let's connect to network, make referrals, and noodle on ideas for the greater good. Contact me.

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