who we are

You're wondering who we are, what we do and how to get in touch. Because time is love and love shouldn't be wasted, we'll cut to the black and white and give you what you're after.

Bloomstruck is a boutique marketing firm, the owner of which fancies herself a Communicator and an eternal student of the art of Communication. The company we keep is similar.


Wasn't that easy?

Look at us, gettin' started on the right foot and <insert other corny stuff>.


what we do


The Brand Blueprint

For whatever reason, you need a brand, aka a logo and all the fun stuff that comes with it, so you can get going on a fantastic plan to conquer a bit of the world. Good news. We can help.


Strategic Partnerships

When two or more groups or companies come together with a common goal and commit to an exchange of assets, energy and (sometimes, but not all the time) money, a LOT of fun can be had! Not convinced? We'd be happy to give more examples.


Marketing Strategy, Planning + Execution

If we have nuts and bolts, these be it. We're smart and resourceful, and we get sh*t done. Need we say more? Fine!


the company we keep

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Communication as Art: Experiential Learning

Challenge U with Andi Burgis, Life + Business Coach

At CHALLENGE U as in real life, horses are our teachers for communication, leadership, healing and teamwork. With Andi's guidance, we create unique experiences in which learning is transferred is transferred immediately, and clarity, communication and connection can be achieved.


Communication as Art: FILM

Horsetooth International Film Festival

We're searching for partners who believe in the art of communicating through film and all of the different languages this dynamic group of filmmakers speaks to bring our world to life.

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Communication as Art: FOOD

Chef Paul Schramm

Chef Paul LOVES food. He loves feeding people even more.