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Putting Ourselves Back Together Again

Thinking Out Loud With Sarai Speer aka The Platinum Giraffe and Vulnerability Super Hero

Think Out Loud With Me cast cover featuring Sarai Speer

Stop. For just a minute. Unclench your f^cking jaw. Drop your damn shoulders. Rub your temples. Take a slow, DEEP inhale through your nose. EXHALE that sh!t out your mouth. Say THREE things you’re grateful for and WHY. Slightly turn up the corners of your mouth. Get on with your f^cking day.

I didn’t write that. My guest did. And now that you’re all relaxed and sh!t, you should know her, too.

She’s Sarai Speer aka The Platinum Giraffe. Sarai is an independent hairstylist educator and Life & Empowerment Coach. She has 8 years of sobriety, is actively recovering from a 30-year Eating Disorder, and is working on her Mental Health Coach Certification. Sarai will tell you she’s slightly obsessed with empowering humans to achieve their goals and GTFO of their own way!

Wow, we dig in. We dig in deep. Healing isn't linear, this conversation isn't linear, and it's all LIFE. We're HUMAN, and we show ourselves - vulnerable, raw, and real. It's incredible to connect with someone with no agenda except to BE. Accepted and worthy. Helped and helping with every story we share. 

This isn't a surface-level casual cast. Sarai and I cover topics of imposter syndrome, addictions, facing demons, the mess of healing, self-awareness, woo and yoga and meditation and therapy and the mental health cocktails we're double fisting, holding brave space and reclaiming our personal power. Healing OUT LOUD.


FOLLOW this woman. She's real. You don't have to be a hairstylist. Just human.

Sarai Speer aka The Platinum Giraffe can be found online and on tour:


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