#convert2life with Chiropractic Care with Dr. Ryan & His Angels

OVERVIEW :: The Hand & Heart Chiropractic team believes that the body is perfect in its natural state. The typical American battles many stressors to the body, such as stressful thoughts, toxic chemicals, and physical traumas like sitting for hours on end. These stressors create interferences to our body’s healing ability called subluxations.

Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to detect and correct subluxations, allowing our bodies to heal and restore optimal health and vitality. Our mission is to be the Chiropractic Care Center “near me” in Fort Collins, CO, and check our community for subluxations so that more families can express their full potential.

WHY I RECOMMEND HEART & HAND CHIROPRACTIC :: I was referred to Dr. Ryan and his team by my dentist. Odd, eh? But having ground down and fractured teeth and a jaw that was soon going to just lock up on me from an extended period of anxiety, depression, and COVID-strained, work-from-home, executive-level digital drain, I went readily.

I believe in chiropractic care and have had some form of it in my life since high school in the 90s, and I credit my previous chiro for helping my newborn establish his little self! So going was easy. I needed relief for a certain ailment. What I've received? SO MUCH MORE.

I will now credit the Heart & Hand Chiropractic team for partnering with me over the last several months to bring my entire BEING back into alignment. You have blessed me with your magic touch, the science and sensibility, and a safe, healthy, supportive environment where I can spend time with you healing and aligning with my greater purpose.

I've gone from hunched over from years of screentime, zoom time, crunch time, with a block of cement sitting squarely from my elbows to my clavicle, near-daily headaches and everyday languish, stifled creativity and optimism...

...to ALIVE. I've started entire campaigns during traction time, including #CONVERT2LIFE which helped me relaunch my business with confidence like I've NEVER had before. And, I might add, a healthy shot at staying Queen of the Ping Pong Table 'round here!

Thank you for taking such good care of me, for letting me BE me under your care, and for letting me celebrate and spread your love for others and health! I am #BLESSED to know you! #HEARTANDHAND #CHIRO4LIFE #DRRYANSANGELS

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